Pros and cons of indias vote

It has many benefits like saving money, saving time. There are many people who do not go o vote as they think that it is a tiresome job to attain the ID cards. War, would always leave a undeniable scare in the mind of the people along with the sorrows and despair, the Citizens of Sri Lankan have long been made the pawns due to the bad decision making at the time of Independence in the Island nation.

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May 21, One country one election is productive in small nations but in case of India. The one area of concern, however, is how this practice treats people in that society.

True, most rights have inherent obligations. There is one more thing if both state and the central election will be held simultaneously then that time all the govt will be focused on the election and all the decision and policies will remain in pending.

But the Sri Lankan government had disputed those figures and stressed that it was unfair to investigate only the final phase of war and constantly called for a comprehensive investigation during the whole quarter-century war.

For societies that have compulsory voting, most of the population tends to support the practice. And India is a 2nd largest population in a country and in huge amount so its very difficult to arrange all these stuff in a very short period of time.

Politicians are kept on their toes when they are regularly worried about the routine elections that they need to be presentable for. If in India single election has taken place and a single party elected those single party not work properly in the center as well as state people do not have the option to change the government at least at state level current scenario of election people have chance to change government if government does not work properly in center.

Benefits of One Nation One Election. This numbers are serious, so we have to use our manpower in proper manner. Could itself popularize a governing body without the requirement of these campaigning.

And also a major problem of falling of coalition government in any state which would lead to again election. Moreover, the frenzied procedure tires everyone out. Habantota port developed by Chinese firms encircling India on all the sides diplomatically and strategically.

Very difficult to arrange all these stuff such as security and aware the peoples because some are poor who are not aware so much and think what's change if they give their vote so they think it's a waste of time and money.

So it is not easy to handle election at the same time. The major problem would be the great rush and the resulting disputes and issues as well. We all have different opinions. With coalitions being norm of the day, the regional parties are having a strong say in the foreign policy matters of the nation.

So, it is clear that mandatory votes give rise to invalid votes and random votes as well and such voting can only ensure forceful fulfillment of the right to vote and never ensure the authenticity of the elected government.PROs of IRV/RCV. Promotes majority support - The voting continues until one candidate has the majority of votes, so the final winner has support of the majority of voters.

Discourages negative campaigning - Candidates who use negative campaigning may lose the second choice vote of those whose first choice was treated poorly. According to me, 'one India one Election' is possible in India but I would like to inform you that every thing has some Pros and some Cons.

Positivity is that its save money which fluid in an election like water and central government easy to handle country by divide all departments. Compulsory voting would seriously interfere with efforts to prevent certain groups from voting. After all, if all the riff-raff gets to vote a certain political organization would probably not control 32 States and all three branches of the Federal government.

The Onion evaluates the pros and cons of making voting compulsory. Only about 40 percent of eligible Americans vote in a typical midterm election and around 60 percent in a presidential election, leading some to suggest the U.S. follow other countries’ lead and make voting compulsory, while critics warn it could have negative consequences.

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pros/cons of water boundaries? protects, visible, not permanent, countries often claim the boundary exists out at sea describe "excess vote," "stacked vote," and "wasted vote" gerrymandering.

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Watch video · A shopkeeper serves a customer in a local grocery store in the Kalahati market area in Siliguri, West Bengal, India. India's small shop owners are a voting block with real clout in India.

Pros and cons of indias vote
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