A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis

The film makes a persuasive case that the accused men - Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley and Jason Baldwin suffered a miscarriage of justice; victims of a prejudiced police and legal system that discriminated against them because they were weird kids who dressed in black and liked heavy metal music.

The trial court denied all of the motions. He is then interviewed by the prosecution team where he gives a long and detailed account of how he, Baldwin and Echols murdered the boys.

In his interview with Dimensions Films he was more explicit: Echols told investigators he "never heard of" the three boys and that the person who committed the murders was obviously "sick. Not only does it place Damien Echols near the murder site at around the time the boys were killed, it contradicts his own alibi.

This account is a fantasy. Gitchell also admitted that blood samples left on the wall of a Bojangles restaurant on the evening of the murder were "as the term is, lost. We held that even if the evidence of the defendant's mental illness was uncontradicted, the jury was not required to believe the defendant's evidence and was not required to find such a mitigating circumstance.

West Memphis Three

The judgments of conviction were affirmed. He pointed to the blood found on the knife owned by John Mark Byers, the bloody man who entered a local Bojangles restaurant about the time of the murders, and the almost not existent physical evidence connecting Damien with the murders.

June 22 The documentary film "Paradise Lost: He found a stick stuck in the mud that had one of the boy's shirts wrapped around the end that was stuck down in the mud. At the time Echols made the statement, there was no public knowledge that one of the children had been mutilated more severely than the others.

He stated in his report for Echols's legal team that there was no evidence the murders were linked to satanic rituals and that post-mortem animal predation could explain the alleged knife injuries. Homer Campbell and Peter Loomis are both specialists in tool and bite mark identification who have given expert testimony in several court cases over the years.

The horrific genital mutilation on Chris Byers was not in fact done by a human. The man was bleeding and had brushed against the restroom walls. Hutcheson claimed that, at the Wiccan meeting, a drunken Echols openly bragged about killing the three boys. Peretti saw on the bodies were not inflicted by a blade but were the tooth and claw marks of feeding animals.

Lawyers representing the West Memphis Three reached the plea deal that allowed the men to be released from prison. The case of the West Memphis Three is a miasma of claim and counter claim. The next morning, Chief Inspector Gary Gitchell announced he would be heading up the search for the missing boys.

Police said the recording was "inaudible", but Hutcheson claimed the recording was audible. Burnett ruled that he would not force Morgan to testify and said that anyone who mentioned his ruling to the press "or anyone else I though that he meant that he changed his mind about where he wanted to go but he told me that it was not like that.

Within days, a package arrived at my house.Who are the West Memphis Three? Complete fabrication A crucial witness says her testimony in the West Memphis Three case three eight year old boys left in a muddy ditch after being. This account is a fantasy.

The three victims were last seen at pm, and not reported missing until after 8 pm. There was no immediate massive turnout for a search.

West Memphis Three - Chronography

Threatened to kill West Memphis Three if justice was not served. This officer said that Pamela had no idea her son was missing until Terry Hobbs arrived at Catfish Island.

Concerns that The West Memphis Three might have been wrongfully convicted continued to grow following the release, in Marchof the film Paradise Lost 2: Revelations, which suggested the real killer of the three boys was John Mark Byers.

In author Dr. Vincent J. M. DiMaio was asked to re-investigate the autopsy report of the controversial case of the West Memphis Three. Home; Ancient & Medieval History Home › Contemporary History › Reopening the West Memphis Three.

Reopening the West Memphis Three. Posted on The boys’ dilated anuses were interpreted by the. The Memphis Three Trials: A Chronology Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin during trial (Mar.

2, ) (photo: Lisa Waddell, The announces that three boys are missing and that he will direct the search efforts. May 6 The True Story of the West Memphis Three, a book by Mara Leveritt, is published.

The book strongly suggests a miscarriage of. The Paradise Lost sequel was followed two years later with an exhaustive analysis of the case by Mara Leveritt in her book Devils Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three.

James K. Martin

Like the filmmakers, Leveritt argued that a miscarriage of justice occurred in the trials.

A discussion on the case of three boys being reported missing in west memphis
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